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In a recent article, we compared highlighted concerns expressed by bakers that have aging ovens. These concerns are a direct result of changing consumer expectations based on their evolving behaviors and health needs. Recognizing these changes have altered the expectations of bakers and expectations on their ovens. A fundamental change is from limited varieties of bread and rolls to multiple varieties that require increased handling and higher through-puts.

Oven Automation Planning

Once you have completed the mechanical reviews, evaluations and eventual repairs, replacements or upgrades as discussed in Part 1, you are now ready to consider your automation goals and options. As complex as this process can be, setting goals for the process ultimately should include high level goals of:

  • Maximize Oven Availability
  • Maximize Oven Throughput
  • Maximize Oven Utilization
  • Minimize Unscheduled Downtime
  • Minimize Maintenance