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In the December 2018 issue of Baking & Snack, a customer, New Horizon Bakeries, of Banner-Day was recognized for their growth and success with muffin production. In the article Banner-Day was acknowledged for their support to New Horizon Bakeries with their muffin griddle burners and controls (See Section in Bold & Highlighted Below).

New Horizons perfects the art of producing more with fewer s.k.u.s

Openning Group

NORWALK, OHIO — In the beginning, there was a bun line. That was in 1967 at New Horizons’ headquarters in Norwalk. Back then, the company was all about saying yes and being the best. A self-professed “baker’s baker,” New Horizons specialized in contract manufacturing for food service accounts and branded products. “We’ve never had our own label,” said Trina Bediako, president and chief operating officer at New Horizons. “We never wanted to compete with our retail customers.”

2014 Bakery of the Year
Capistrano's Wholesale Bakery

Going from good to great’ is a pervasive theme at Phoenix-based Capistrano’s Bakery. So is the phrase, ‘It Can Be Done.’ This rather quiet, wholesale artisan baker works hard to ensure that its products are tasty, innovative and what its customers want. That’s one of the reasons why it’s our 2014 Bakery of the Year.   Lauren R. Hartman, Editor-in-Chief