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What is SmartBake® Tray Safety and how can it prevent oven damage and avoid costly production downtime?

Recently, Banner-Day was called upon to provide a significant number of replacement ribbon burners for a customer’s tray oven.  The reason?  The customer had experienced a dreaded “oven crash”. 

The season of bad weather is slowly subsiding and depending on where you are located you may have been experiencing power outages, interruptions or spikes/surges at your baking facility.  This article is an effort to briefly address these situations that you are facing.


Banner-Day, a leader in oven performance optimization developed Far Side Sensing® which provides reliable flame detection on ribbon burners at the end of the burner opposite the ignition source.

As the next generation in flame detection, Far Side Sensing® complies with regulations in locations that require opposite side flame sensing such as Canada, Europe and now in the United States meeting the new NFPA 86 Standard.

SmartBake® by Banner-Day is the next evolution in the control of direct fired bakery ovens.  SmartBake® is a modular system that enables precision control of an oven, while offering simple and rapid installation.  SmartBake® provides the ability to phase in an oven control retrofit project over an extended period enabling better capital spending management within today’s tight budgets.

Bakers are continually trying to improve their oven operations, efficiency and maintenance efforts. To do this, bakers frequently call on their trusted vendors to assist with the efforts and very often this requires a visit to the bakery that takes time and added cost to the bakery and oven operations.

With the introduction of SmartBake® Remote Access the baker is enabled with an enhanced relationship with Banner-Day that in a more timely and cost effective manner can address oven operation questions or concerns.