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Engineering, Design, Project Management & Field Services

Banner-Day stands behind our systems and services. When you purchase a TraceFREE® impedance pipe heating system and/or storage tank heating system, you can expect high quality, professional service before, during and after the sale. This includes:

  • Application engineering and system design
  • Field engineering and installation support
  • System startup and task analysis
  • Operator training and continued support
  • Aftermarket service and support

Banner-Day has a team of highly trained engineers who will work closely with you to design a system that will meet all of the needs of your project. From quotation to installation, one engineer from Banner-Day will be the project “owner”, and will be responsible for managing your project, and working with you to ensure that any concerns you may have are resolved promptly and correctly.

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The installation of a TraceFREE® impedance pipe heating system, while requiring less labor than steam or electric heat tracing, does require certain considerations in the design and implementation of pipe supports, hangers, and connection locations. Generally, you will use your own contractors for installation of piping and electrical wiring. Banner-Day works closely with you and your contractors from the start to keep everyone aware of the installation requirements and to answer any questions that may arise.

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Startup & Commissioning

With each TraceFREE® impedance and tank heating system sold, Banner-Day offers full startup and commissioning services. When the systems are ready for startup, a Banner-Day engineer(s) are available to perform onsite inspection of the system installation and to start and adjust each system to optimal heating performance. Banner-Day’s goal is to help and support you from the beginning to ensure a smooth system installation and startup delivering worry-free operation.

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While the maintenance of a TraceFREE® impedance heating system is significantly less than other pipe heating methods, select routine checks are important to ensure continuous problem-free operation. Banner-Day can provide maintenance inspection services to you. During a periodic visit, a Banner-Day engineer would evaluate the system performance, check all of the system components, and perform any necessary maintenance.

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In order to help you get the most from your TraceFREE® impedance pipe and tank heating systems, Banner-Day can provide field training services. Banner-Day provides training for both operators and maintenance personnel, and will work with you at the installation location to ensure that all appropriate personnel have a full understanding of the operation and maintenance requirements of your TraceFREE® pipe heating systems.

Aftermarket Services and Support

Banner-Day over the years has established a reputation for reliable and consistent pipe heating process support services. These services focus on a various needs expressed by the processor:

  • Temperature Control
  • Heat Management
  • Process Management
  • Operation Management
  • Maintenance Services

If you are experiencing poor or erratic ingredient/material process heating performance in any of these critical areas, contact Banner-Day for assistance.

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