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Oven Assessments

Banner-Day provides complete oven system assessments. Banner-Day works with you to scope and perform a comprehensive assessment of your oven’s baking performance and operation. A Banner-Day oven assessment will provide you with detailed findings and recommendations intended to optimize the performance of your oven. Based on your needs, a Banner-Day oven assessment can include the following areas :

  • Burner systems
  • Bake Chamber air management systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Safety systems and Code compliance
  • Temperature control
  • Oven control systems
  • Mechanical systems
  • Electrical systems
  • And more!

To discuss an assessment for your bakery oven, call us at (877) 837-0584, or click on the link below for our contact us form.

Engineering, Design & Project Management

Banner-Day’s commitment to process evaluation and project scope development is fundamental to successful project outcomes that meet your requirements. Key to this process is working with you to identify your needs, critical issues and challenges. After a thorough assessment is completed, Banner-Day’s engineering and design team develops customized solutions and a proposed detailed scope of work for your review and approval. The approved scope of work then forms the basis for a project which is then managed by Banner-Day. Each Banner-Day project has a team leader that is responsible for all facets of the project and meeting agreed upon project milestones.

Turnkey Projects & Installations

Banner-Day provides complete resources for turnkey projects, start to finish. Design/build projects include mechanical and electrical installation and supervision, startup, debug, training and on going support.

Trustworthy engineering and design combined with Banner-Day's experienced team of internal and external resources make installations an easy reality. The Banner-Day team brings years of bakery installation experience with critical skills in thermal, combustion, mechanical and electrical disciplines.

Rebuilds, Repairs & Upgrades

Banner-Day is a valuable resource, offering more than a retrofit or support for the OEM installation. Banner-Day's experience can be applied to more focused needs for you as well. Often you have limited resources available to deal with many of the more routine day-to-day issues like rebuilds, repairs or minor upgrades. The experienced Banner-Day team welcomes the opportunity to work with you to promptly and efficiently support these critically important, more regular activities. An example of the typical work that is done is to recondition existing indirect fired burners. This is only one example of many.


Bakers have seen increased demands on their ovens for flexibility, reliability and safety. The ovens in service today in many cases have been in place for years and do not support the current product, production, safety and environmental demands. Banner-Day has a successful history with custom designs and retrofits to industry standard ovens like Reed, Peterson, Baker-Perkins (732, 935, 960, 970, 980) and more.


Over our history, Banner-Day has directly and indirectly developed strong relationships with leading oven manufacturers throughout the world. Key leaders are Baker Thermal, Baker-Perkins and AMF. These oven manufacturers all have integrated Banner-Day controls into their ovens. This enabled them, and ultimately their customer, to have the world's leading control system managing their oven production. Often times the baker has worked closely with Banner-Day on how to improve their baking capabilities, and when the decision is made to install a new oven, the customer requests that Banner-Day collaborate with the oven supplier to incorporate the Banner-Day system.

Used Oven Upgrades

Banner-Day is uniquely qualified to recondition used ovens. We have the capability and contacts to either execute this for you directly or introduce you to a third party that can provide you with the used oven you want and need. This choice may be a good option when you are working with a tight budget and timeline

Start-Up & Commissioning

Installation is not complete until start-up and commissioning are finalized. Banner-Day personnel are there throughout to ensure everything goes smoothly. Final process adjustments are made and system documentation is finalized.


Banner-Day believes in and is committed to training. Effective sustainable training is critical to a successful project outcome and achieving a project’s ROI over its useful life. Banner-Day will work with you to develop a comprehensive training program at project implementation and for your ongoing system training needs. We regularly work with bakers to conduct first hand in plant training for operations, maintenance and engineering. This can be done on a short or long term basis as is needed by the baker.

Aftermarket Services and Support

Banner-Day over the years has established a reputation for reliable and consistent bakery support services. These services focus on a wide range of needs expressed by the baker:

  • Burner control
  • Zone control
  • Heat management
  • Recipe control
  • Exhaust management

If you are experiencing poor or erratic performance in any of these critical areas, contact Banner-Day for assistance.

Oven Inspections


Included in the complexity of operating a bakery is the ever vigilant need for safety. In addition to the basic concerns of the baker, there are legal requirements to meet government standards. This typically falls under OSHA guidelines. Banner-Day offers inspection services with documentation to ensure you are meeting these annual requirements. A few of the key considerations of Banner-Day OSHA inspections include:

  • Combustion air
  • Gas train
  • Purge system
  • Ignition
  • Exhaust blower
  • Safeties
  • And more


In addition to OSHA inspections, Banner-Day also conducts comprehensive mechanical & electrical inspections. These inspections can be particularly important for bakers that have aging ovens or are interested in an independent view of their oven operations. These inspections can be valuable to the baker for maintaining your preventative maintenance programs, identifying specific repair or upgrade needs and potential areas for retrofitting. A few of the bakery operations that are addressed in the inspection are:

  • Main conveyor system
  • Heating system
  • Crown & lining sheets
  • Loader assembly
  • Unloader assembly

For more information, contact us.