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SmartBake® S6E

The SmartBake® S6E solid-state ignition module provides a high voltage spark to ignite and then monitors oven direct-fired ribbon burners utilizing flame rectification technology. Features of the SmartBake® S6E module include:

  • Burner Ignition and Flame Monitoring
  • Controls Burner Solenoid Gas Valve(s)
  • 10 sec. Flame Fail Response Time
  • One Automatic Burner Relight Attempt
  • On / Off / Test – Reset Switch
  • Dual Color LED Indicates “Burner On” (GREEN) / “Burner Flame Failure” (RED)
  • Integral ISPU-3 Assembly with Detachable Wiring Connector & Diagnostic Monitoring LED
  • Terminal Strip with Finger Safe, Box Lug Connections
  • Rajah High Voltage Ignition Connector
  • 24V AC Maintenance Test Port; Enables Local Burner Control and Testing
  • Use Class C, Type 3B Suppression Ignition Cable
  • Enclosed (Dust Protection) and Open (Integral Mounting Plate) Versions Available.

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