Banner-Day Bakery Solutions

Banner-Day has extensive experience enhancing the performance of muffin griddles. Enhancements in temperature sensing and burner control provide the baker with the ability to better control griddle temperature while increasing throughput and line speed. The end results are improved product quality (color and texture) and increased product rates.

Banner-Day Expands the Range of Muffin Griddles:

  • Improved temperature sensing provides better control of griddle surface temperature.
  • Expanded zone control, if required, up to four zones, 2 top and 2 bottom.
  • Delivers vastly improved product color and texture.

Integrated Control of the Entire Line:

  • Control and synchronization of the divider, rounder, proofer in addition to the griddle
  • Humidity and temperature control of proofer
  • Control all ancillary equipment and subsystems along the line:
    • Zigzag Board
    • Flour Dusters
    • Turn Overs
    • Depositors
    • Etc.

Muffin Griddle Combined 2


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