Banner-Day Bakery Solutions

Packaged Indirect Fired Burners:

Packaged Burner solutions specifically designed for bakery oven applications include: low fire start, full modulation to off, constant pilot or interrupted pilot, burner-mounted pre-wired electronic controls, spark-ignited gas pilot, combustion air fan and motor, and burner air switch. Burner-mounted UL labeled control panel, includes oven purge timer, temperature control and thermocouple, relays, numbered terminal block, stop-start buttons, safety alarm, pilot lights and voltages to suit. Burner mounted modulating motor wired to control panel. Burners configured for integration with oven control systems. Burner linkages connected at time of shipment.

 Riello Power Flame 

The following items are shipped loose for field mounting:
Digital temperature controller high & low gas pressure switches, gas pressure regulator pilot, one (1) gas pressure gauge, circulating fan proving switch, burner power transformer, duplicate gas shutoff cocks for main line with one for pilot line, two (2) safety shutoff valves and one (1) normally open vent valve, dead front panel switch.

Optional Equipment:

  • Thermocouple Assembly
  • Thermocouple Lead Wire
  • Oven Supply Duct High Limit Control
  • Remote Oil Pump and Motor
  • Pre-Piped and Wired Gas Train
  • Installation Drawings provided.

Available in oil, gas, and combination burners

SIZE  B.T.U. CAPACITY (x1,000) 
 #1-POGB  500 – 1,200
 #2-POGB  1,800 – 2,500
 #3-POG  2,400 – 4,200

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