Banner-Day Bakery Solutions

Banner-Day Total Oven Control (TOC®) Systems utilizing SmartBake® control technology - are custom designed to your specifications:

TOC® Features Touch Screen Features Benefits
  • Integrates All SmartBake® Technologies
  • Integrates Withwith Control Of Coloraider & Exhaust VFD’s
  • Oven Temperature Monitored & Controlled By Zone
  • Selects Individual Product Recipes
  • Incremental Oven Product Changeovers
  • Minimize Oven Breaks Between Products
  • Recipe Selection
  • Status Monitoring
    • Individual Burners
    • Oven Zones
    • Bake Times
  • Individual Oven Trays
  • Remote Tracking
  • Minimize Oven Start-Up Time
  • Eliminate Flash Heat
  • Reduce Standby Loses
  • Minimize Fuel Usage
  • Reduce Maintenance Time
  • Reduces Product Change-Over Time
  • Simplifies Oven Operation




This includes all aspects of oven automation – main drive, loader, unloader, all in-feed and exit conveyors, along with fans and Coloraiders. Electro-mechanical synchronizers are replaced with modern variable frequency drives and encoders to provide precise and flexible control of all oven systems.

SmartBake System Integration WhiteBkgd

Ignition System

Banner-Day has taken DSI to the next level. Our S6E model of ignition module allows individual control, monitoring and testing of each burner independently of the entire system, Combine that with our “rectification ignitor” and you get a highly reliable ignition system.

SmartBake Zone Burner Control

Our method of burner control allows the oven to maintain precise zone temperature within ± 2°F of set point. The system achieves 12:1 turndown ratio within each oven zone utilizing two control variables independently:

  • zone temperature
  • zone air header pressure.

PLC Control

Leveraging the use of a PLC enables complete control of all aspects of the oven – from controlling oven mechanical systems to providing precise zone temperature control and recipe management to monitoring burner status and alarm history.

Touch-screen HMI

Primary operator interface is provided via a color touch-screen HMI. The touch-screen HMI allows quick, easy access to all oven functions from a central location. This interface hosts oven systems and recipe control and displays trending of various oven-operating parameters and history.

Oven Gas Train

Fully automated gas trains are controlled from the oven operator station. Banner-Day’s oven gas trains are NFPA-86 and OSHA compliant and integrate with our valve proving system and patented Power Interruption Protection (PIP®) system that provides protection from power outages of up to 15 seconds or less, eliminating nuisance oven re-purge events.


Full Automation

A TOC® solution featuring SmartBake® control technology integrates all oven systems and functions into one centrally controlled and monitored system, allowing operators to quickly start up and run the oven successfully. In turn, maintenance tasks will take less time to perform. Gone are the days of manual burner and oven temperature adjustments and antiquated oven control systems.

Precise Temperature Control

SmartBake® control technology achieves precise zone temperature control using of two control parameters: zone temperature and zone air header pressure. Oven zone temperatures are regularly maintained within ± 2°F of set point. In addition, zone burner turndown ratios of up to 12:1 are achieved exceeding traditional system zone burner turndowns of only 3:1 or 4:1. With a 12:1 zone burner turndown, temperature override, temperature lag and flash heat are eliminated

Consistent Quality

By combining recipe control, burner control, zone control and oven automation, a Banner-Day TOC® system will produce uniform quality product. All parameters of the oven are controlled directly by the PLC, thus limiting the operator's ability to make oven adjustments based on personal interpretation of the baking process.


TOC® systems provide compliance with all applicable oven related safety codes, including OSHA, NFPA 86, CSA, NEC, Factory Mutual, etc.

Lower Utility Costs

TOC® systems deliver energy savings, especially for ovens converted from constant spark ignition systems to SmartBake® DSI systems. Fuel savings in the range of 22% for natural gas and 100 watts of electricity per burner can be achieved.


Today's modern variety lines demand frequent product changeovers. Banner-Day's TOC® systems provide the necessary oven performance flexibility to meet your production needs.

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