Banner-Day Pipe Heating

15 -freeze-protection-to-minus-50-degrees-fBanner Engineering & Sales, Inc. was founded in 1959 by Joseph M. Day, P.E., to design and manufacture electric impedance pipe heating systems to heat carbon steel pipe for combustion fuel oil systems. This technology, now trademarked TraceFREE® is safe and attractive because it utilizes the pipe as its own heating element. TraceFREE® systems provide close temperature control and a very even, low watt heat density that will not burn temperature sensitive products. Further, the systems require minimal maintenance and lend themselves to automation.

Initial TraceFREE® applications were used to heat pipe transporting heavy bunker fuel oils burned in large automatic combustion systems produced by the Joseph M. Day Company. Since that time the TraceFREE® concept has been expanded to a wide range of product applications and industries. Typical applications include carbon steel and stainless steel pipe and tubing with sizes ranging from the ¼” to 24” and greater. TraceFREE® systems can operate at temperatures from simple freeze protection to 1400° F plus.

Banner-Day is focused on your needs and welcomes opportunities to evaluate and respond to new applications.

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