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Founded in 1949 by Joseph M. Day P.E., the roots of the company are in the baking industry. Mr. Day gained extensive background in the baking industry through education at the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago (forerunner of AIB) and as a project engineer with Baker Perkins (Saginaw, Michigan) and chief engineer with AMF’s, Oven Division locate then in New Haven, CT.

As with most entrepreneurs, this knowledge and experience formed the basis of the company. From this foundation Banner-Day grew as a specialist in automatic gas and oil combustion and control systems, focused primarily in bakery applications. In the late 1970s, Banner-Day developed the application of solid-state ignition/flame rectification modules on direct-fired gas ovens. This work resulted in what is known today as "direct spark ignition" or DSI. DSI systems are the root of all modern day oven automation systems and are required by today’s regulations and codes. With this experience and history Banner-Day is the industry leader in application of DSI systems and fully automated oven control systems for bakery ovens.

The Banner-Day team is focused on the needs of the baker, continually doing research and development work to improve oven performance, flexibility and safety to enhance product quality while reducing operational costs.

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