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What is a TraceFREE® Electric Impedance Pipe Heating system?

TraceFREEImpedancePipeHeatingGraphicGreyBkgdThe Banner-Day TraceFREE® Electric Impedance Pipe Heating (IPH) system is designed to heat carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, or exotic metal pipe or tubing to maintain or increase the temperature of a product or material flowing through a piping system. With TraceFREE® impedance pipe heating product in a pipe can be thawed from a solid product and heated it to a desired operating temperature, gradually increase product temperature as it moves thru the pipe, or maintain a constant product temperature as the product is transported. The Banner-Day TraceFREE® electric impedance pipe heating system provides operational flexibility to companies by allowing intermittent or continuous pipe heating and process operation.


TraceFREE® utilizes low voltage electricity (typically < 50 VAC) to heat the piping system. Pipe and product temperatures can be maintained from ambient to in excess of 1400°F with tight tolerances.

How does TraceFREE® Electric Impedance Pipe Heating work?

A Banner-Day TraceFREE® Electric impedance system uses a low AC voltage to cause electric current flow through the piping to be heated. The secondary side of a dual wound isolated impedance system transformer is connected to a piping system, installed to be isolated from earth ground, using cable conductors connected to high strength cable lugs attached to the two ends of the impedance heated pipe.

As depicted in Fig. 1, low voltage AC current flows from the first transformer connection point (located by the tank) through the pipe to the cable lug located at the use point. The current bypasses the inline pump, isolated from impedance system current by two dielectric Insulated Pipe Joints (IPJ’s) and a bypass jumper cable. From the cable lug at the Use Point in Fig. 1, the impedance system current flows back through the return cable conductor to the TraceFREE® impedance system transformer. This transformer is grounded at the return cable conductor connection to provide a zero voltage reference for the system.

The system is controlled from the TraceFREE® control panel that manages the input power to the impedance transformer by sensing the pipe and or product temperature with a RTD temperature sensor. The RTD is typically welded to the outer surface of the heated pipe allowing the pipeline and product temperature to be maintained at the desired set point temperature.

Typical Products Handled:

Chemical Products Manufacturing Products Food Ingredients
Asphalt Glues / Adhesives Chocolates
Fuel Oils Waxes (Paraffin, Elvax, others) Shortenings
Petroleum Products Monomer Corn Syrup
Caustic Soda Gortex® Liquid Sugars
Coal Tar Pitch Lead HFCS
Varnishes   Oils
Gases & Vapors   Peanut Butter

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Advantages of TraceFREE® Electric Impedance Pipe Heating:

  • Even heat distribution – No Hot or Cold spots!
  • Low watt densities
  • Reduced process startup times
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • No heating elements or heat tape under pipe insulation
  • Low operating costs
  • System application flexibility
  • Reduced piping costs

System Types There are two types of Banner-Day TraceFREE® Electric pipe heating systems:


The TraceFREE® end feed system is the most common and is used with piping systems that have several branches. Excellent for both low- and mid-range temperatures, an end feed system is easier to install than a center feed system.

The TraceFREE® center feed system is used for longer systems typically without branch lines, and is best for mid-range and high temperature applications. It does not require insulated pipe joints or flange gaskets.

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