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Operating Performance

In Part 1, we highlighted that typically bakeries measure the temperature of product as it exits the oven. However, all factors shared in Part 1 are important in producing optimum bread quality and in that exhibit (reproduced here), we showed the importance of the correct profile shape and its relationship to quality.

In some corners of the baking industry, moles may not have the best reputation. However, reality suggests they can be very useful and valuable when used correctly, and regularly, as a measurement tool integrated into the operation of the baking process.

The season of bad weather is slowly subsiding and depending on where you are located you may have been experiencing power outages, interruptions or spikes/surges at your baking facility. This article is an effort to briefly address these situations that you are facing.

 The common industry temperature control system allows an oven zone to add/subtract heating capacity in order to prevent significant temperature under- and over-rides. However, due to its temperature-only control basis, true precision is not achieved.

 We realize that there are any number of manufacturers out there that can provide you with a DSI system for your oven, be it new, used or a retrofit of existing equipment. All of these systems have a number of things in common – burners, ignitors, DSI modules. What sets one manufacturer apart from another is the attention paid to the details. Noteworthy and little known is that Banner-Day pioneered and developed DSI in the 1970s and their continued research led to some of the advancements that are discussed in this article.