Banner-Day Bakery Solutions

Description: The SmartBake® modular zone system provides the baker with precision burner and zone temperature control that you’ve come to expect from Banner-Day, all in a package that’s easy to install and maintain and can be installed in a phased manner. A central oven PLC is not needed, saving the expense, space and effort, especially in today’s tight capital budget environment.

The SmartBake® approach is future proof, designed for integration at any time with a central PLC. Compatibility is nearly universal, with built-in communications capabilities that cover the majority of PLC systems, with many communications options available.

The standard SmartBake® zone panel is purposely sized to cover the vast majority of direct fired ovens in today’s marketplace, with expansion capabilities to cover any situation.

In all, SmartBake® is the ideal tool to start building a premier oven control system, provide precision control to an existing system and minimize downtime requirements when installing a Banner-Day TOC® system.


Modular System

  • Precise temperature control
  • Reliable operation
  • Maintenance friendly

Precision Oven Control

  • Effectively manage zone heating capacity via SmartBake’s proactive burner staging control strategy
  • Prevent temperature override
  • Maintain +/-2°F Temperature

Simple Rapid Installation

  • Phase in oven control
  • Affordable upgrade for DSI
  • No downtime

Reduce Risk

First Step to TOC® Total Oven Control




Stand-Alone Operation:

While designed for stand-alone operation, SmartBake® zone panels are capable of integration into a complete system without ANY changes to their configuration other than the installation of a communications cable. Flexibly designed, SmartBake® can be:

  • Integrated with a central PLC of an overall system and installed at the same time (as with a complete TOC® package).
  • Installed with a plan to integrate with a future central PLC when budgets and time permit.
  • Integrated into an existing PLC.

An Intelligent Way to Bake®!

For more information on SmartBake® Zone Burner and Temperature Control Management, click here.