Banner-Day Bakery Solutions

With the ever increasing number of products that bakery customers are demanding, are you finding yourself frustrated that your oven doesn’t have the flexibility to maintain needed throughput rates? Banner-Day can help by adapting your oven to manage multiple products and recipe configurations.

When changing products significant operator and oven time can be saved. Utilizing Banner-Day’s “recipe control” oven settings, including conveyor speeds, product bake times, burner settings, zone temperatures, etc. are accomplished with one touch at the HMI touch screen.

In addition to managing the many variables required by the changing products, what happens when you get a short power outage? Outages that come far too many times in many parts of the country can be effectively managed. Banner-Day has designed a system that helps you manage these outages.

With the patented Banner-Day Power Interruption Protection System (PIP®), power outages of short duration will typically not require the oven to be re-purged. When power is interrupted ALL gas valves immediately close; if power is restored within up to 15 seconds, the oven will automatically re-light as soon as the main conveyor starts. This feature maintains your throughput and eliminates the inherent scrap associated with a prolonged delay due to re-purging the oven.

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